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American Express Travel

American Express Travel offers wonderful savings and services to all of American Express cardholders who wish to book vacations. With American Express travel services, customers get access to a wide range of travel tools through the American Express Travel website. You can use your membership rewards to pay for American Express vacations or pay with your card to receive double points. Besides the great deals on travel, there are also many business tools and other services you can use with American Express Travel. You can visit the website to see all the great things that they have to offer their cardholders. While you are there, take a look at all the travel services and booking options available and start planning your next trip.

American Express corporate and business travel customers can perform many actions on the website. You can track your company’s expenses with the American Express business travel monitor, as well as apply for an American Express business travel card. The travel management program for those whose companies spend over 25 thousand a year on business travel is one of American Express corporate travel services. It provides extra savings on every trip, detailed reporting capabilities, inside travel industry information and much, much more. American Express Travel corporate services is concerned about the personal finance of your business and does whatever it can to save you money.

Every American Express credit cards user is eligible for travel services. This includes American Express travel surveys, insurance, UK information and more. Once you have seen all that American Express Travel has to offer, you may never use your own travel agent again. Travel insurance includes coverage in case your trip in cancelled, travel delay protection, baggage coverage, and even medical coverage overseas. Not to mention the fact that your American Express card allows you to purchase refundable travelers checks, to keep yourself from losing your cash while on vacation. With all of these services and the other benefits you already receive from just being a cardholder, there is no real reason not to try American Express Travel for your next trip or vacation.

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