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Holiday Stockings

Holiday stockings are a much beloved tradition that was brought to the Unites States from Germany. In the old days in that country the children would hang their hand made holiday stockings by the fireplace so that Santa Claus could leave little presents, such as nuts, coins, small toys, or even a little piece of jewelry for the girls. Today the typical holiday stockings are no longer lovingly handmade by children, but are instead purchased at a store. Additionally, many no longer hang them by a fireplace – partially because they do not possess one – but instead hang them somewhere close to the Christmas tree or by the windows. Yet just like the times gone by, holiday stockings are still eagerly taken down on Christmas morning by the children who look for the little goodies that may be found – usually after ripping open a mountain of wrapped presents.
Holiday stockings are no longer just for children,
Yet did you know that holiday stockings are no longer just for children? It is true! Very often holiday dog stockings may be found over the fireplaces of those for whom Rover is not just a dog but more like the furriest member of the family. They will be filled with doggie treats and other things so as to include man’s best friend into the celebrations. Of course, these stockings are not just made for dogs, but also for cats. Small children delight in decorating a dark navy holiday stocking with shells and other little odds and ends to make a special stocking for the fish! Owners of a variety of pets have been known to have a little set of holiday stockings for those animals, and unabashedly put in some little treats each year.

Personalized holiday stockings are a wonderful craft,

For those who are still looking to the traditional uses of the stockings, personalized holiday stockings are a wonderful craft project. Children are encouraged to decorate their own stockings, while sometimes grandparents may be found who will send crocheted holiday stockings to the family. These unique holiday stockings soon become keepsakes and it is not surprising to see some of them hanging from the Christmas trees of many families as a reminder of the generations that went before them. So go ahead and take a look at your Christmas holiday stocking and who knows, you might just be inspired to start your own tradition!

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