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Liberty Travel

When booking hotels and vacation packages, Liberty Travel has been a name trusted by millions of customers since 1951. With Liberty Travel offices in 13 states, as well as both internet and phone booking capabilities, the Liberty Travel agency is ready to serve anyone who is ready for a wonderful vacation. You can book hotels, cruises, and vacation packages with Liberty Travel’s website, however the website doesn’t give you the ability to only book flights with Liberty Travel. Check with your nearest Liberty agent for individual flight pricing or call the 800 number for more information.

Vacation Options:

Liberty travel vacations and packages go to destinations all over the US and the entire world. With a build your own trip option, you can choose the flights and hotels you want most for your stay. The discount packages are already set up for you, and many are all inclusive, with food, drinks and entertainment included in the ticket price. Liberty Travel also lists special deals and last minute savings on a regular basis, allowing its users to save even more money. Cruise vacations through Liberty travels do not require separate booking for your flights. You will choose all those options before you make your final reservation, leaving less headache and hassle involved. The search engine will find you the best possible price for the flights and sailings you want, or give you all the pricing for higher class rooms and tickets. With Liberty travel the choice is yours.

Other Services:

Liberty offers both travel and temporary health insurance. These policies will protect you while you are away on your vacation, as well as protecting your investment in your vacation should you for some unfortunate reason have to cancel. This extra service is not included, but is available at a low cost, coming highly

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