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Odyssey Travel

If you are looking for a vacation that offers a little more than just a fun trip, Odyssey Travel has some of the most innovative travel plans with a focus on education. Many specialized vacations all over the word at various times of year allow travelers the chance to explore the history and culture of many different walks of life in an up close and personal way, never before offered. Based in Australia, Odyssey Travel is a non profit organization that also offers programs to residents of the US, UK, and Canada. Their Odyssey vacations include a range of selections and purposes for each Odyssey trip. If you think you would enjoy an educational travel odyssey, visit their website.

Odyssey Ed-Ventures

Odyssey Travel offers Ed-venture programs to those over the age of 45. These exciting trips combine fun activities with the cultural experiences of the lands visited. These programs reach every corner of the globe, from Africa safari adventures, Middle Eastern treks, to island hopping in the Pacific. No matter what you are looking for in a vacation, these trips offer a chance to learn and live alongside people within your own age group. Take along the Odyssey travel guide and map to have a full experience within your vacation.

Odyssey Schools

Those who have participated in Odyssey travel programs are then eligible to attend Odyssey schools. These unique opportunities all over the globe educate attendants on a wide range of subjects. From Sydney or New Zealand and even as far away as Fiji, these programs teach subjects such as writing, genealogy, and history to those who want to expand their mind.

Odyssey Research Programs

These specialize vacations give you a sense of true purpose to your travels. Take a journey back in time while acting as an assistant to an archaeologist in Central Asia, learning not only the finer points of excavation, but also uncovering history never before seen. Learn about brushfires and their effects on wildlife, by studying alongside a researcher. You can even spend your New Years among the animals at the base of beautiful foothills, studying their environment. With Odyssey Travel, the world awaits you.

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