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Sato Travel

SATO travel is a specialty travel agency for the military and their families. The SATO travel agency offers many different services to all branches of the armed forces and government agencies in the US. SATO Travel offers tickets to England, Europe and other locations at vast discounts for military and government personnel. Rates are generally different dependent on whether the traveler is on official business or if they are booking a leisure vacation. Your government organization can refer you to the nearest SATO travel center office to book your trips with this wonderful service.

Official Business Travel

SATO travel is the booking agent for employees and personnel of many branches of the US government. Civilian employees of the Departments of Commerce and Transportation, the IRS, Census Bureau, and many other government agencies use SATO travel service for many official travel needs. This company prides itself on being as discreet as necessary in handle the official business of the US government, carefully protecting important information. With these discounts and security the nation can rest assured knowing that SATO is handling all the important travel plans for our government officials.

Family And Friends Travel

SATO travel offers a unusual program for the loved ones of those progressing from confident military training programs. This program offers discounts to the friends and family of military graduates who wish to attend the graduation ceremonies on base. They can receive lower prices on hotels, airfares, and car rentals. This allows many who otherwise would not be able to attend to see the special day in person. SATO travel is thrilled to be able to make a recent military graduate’s day a little bit better.

Vacations Travel

SATO travel tickets are available for any military or government employee’s own personal vacation plans. Everyone at SATO travel knows Army personnel are well deserving of their R&R time and are happy to share SATO travel military discounts for their leisure activities. Programs like these make our underpaid and over worked military a little happier in these trying times. They can take their entire family along or just vacation alone. The choice is theirs to use this helpful service.

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