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Signature Vacations

Signature Vacations is a Canadian multi service travel broker with destinations across the globe. The company services airports in most major cities in every province, with trips to places like the Canary Islands, Mexico, the Caribbean, and more. Booking a Signature vacation not only gives you access to great locations, but also to massive discounts as well. Their specials and packages are suited for any budget. Whether you want to travel in summer, winter, spring, or fall, you can find and afford the vacation of your dreams with Signature Vacations Canada. By considering Signature Holidays you can treat yourself to the vacation of your dreams at the right price.

Vacation Packages
Signature Vacations offers some of the best all-inclusive plans that money can buy. With up to five star hotels and first class flights, Signature Vacation packages allow you to live like the rich and famous. These deals include hotel, flights, ground transportation, and even meal and beverage plans at certain exclusive resorts. With all the things these resorts have to offer, you will never find yourself without something to do. Many locations have daily activities schedules, entertainment, and nightclubs right on the grounds. You don’t ever have to leave your hotel for fun and excitement, if you don’t want to. With regular flights on Air Canada, Signature Vacations locations are easily accessed by most everyone within the country.

Other Extras
Signature Travel can also help you plan your itinerary once you arrive at your destination. Their trained agents can give you information on things to do in the area. Even for booking sightseeing tours, AAA can’t beat Signature and their impeccable customer service. AAA south pricing can even be higher than Signature tours offers. They will be sure you have airport parking, can handle car rentals, and also take care of travel insurance packages for you. If you want a great travel broker with a sterling reputation, Signature Vacations is the perfect choice for you. Visit their website or give them a call to begin planning the vacation of your dreams. Once you have vacationed with them, you will keep coming back, year after year.

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