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Travel Mugs

Travel mugs are a wonderful invention. An insulated travel mug will keep your coffee warm in the morning when you leave the comfort of home to head for another busy day at the office. As a matter of fact, travel coffee mugs have become so popular that most any coffee shop now carries their own collection of logo travel mugs. Of course, these little devices do more than keeping your hot beverages nice and warm while you are stuck in traffic or waiting at a red light. Some have found that instead of simply being a functional device, travel mugs are just as collectable as magnets or postcards. Yet unlike the latter two, a travel mug will actually be quite functional!

Take for example the moose mugs from last year’s Christmas vacation. Sure, they may be a bit odd to look at, but every time you take a sip from those Christmas vacation moose mugs you will be reminded of fond memories you shared with loved ones. Or perhaps you own a set of Aladdin travel coffee mugs from the legendary Aladdin Casino in Las Vegas; then perhaps you have a set of the stylish stainless steel travel mugs that the Golden Nugget Casino in Laughlin hands out. These travel mugs will be welcomed reminders of a great vacation, and perhaps even a bit of a spur to help you get through a dreary workday in preparation of taking another vacation to the great spots you found.

Another – perhaps newer use – of travel mugs can be found by those who like to use their pictures. Personalized travel mugs permit for someone to use a photo, drawing, or even a piece of handwritten text that may be transferred onto a travel coffee mug. Sometimes the artist will use ceramic travel mugs because of their durability, while other times she or he may choose the regular plastic travel mugs and apply a protective coat of polyurethane over the artwork to protect it from the fading sun and also the dishwasher. As you can see, it does not matter what kind of coffee travel mugs you have – the nostalgic Aladdin travel mug or the artsy ceramic travel mug – both kinds will remind you of great trips, loved ones, and good times, all the while keeping your coffee nice and hot.

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