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Travel System

What in the old days used to be called a stroller, is now known by the term travel system. To the manufacturers’ defense, the travel system is the way of the future and if you take a look at the design of even the higher end strollers from just a few short years ago, you can see how innovative these little devices have become. It used to be that the jogging stroller travel system was eyed with a bit of ridicule; after all, it was mostly the young urban professional who would invest in such a gadget. Yet as time progressed, manufacturers realized that the need for a more sophisticated travel system was not only found in the young suburbanites, but in all segments of the population. To this end, the next group on whom the companies focused was the parent of twins or the parents with two younger children who would benefit from the – then – revolutionary double stroller travel system.

From there, it did not take long for the travel system to catch on in the mainstream. These days, young parents have their pick from a variety of baby travel systems. You might be familiar with the Eddie Bauer, Evenflo, and Graco or Porsche travel system stroller; perhaps the last time you went to the baby specialty store you marveled at a pink travel system stroller only to later on notice the Chicco stroller system – travel never had it so good!

Yet if you are in the market for a travel system, you know how daunting this task can be. Prices vary greatly, and with the safety of your little bundle of joy being completely in your hands, you are most likely taking this responsibility quite serious. Fortunately, the consumer report travel stroller system review can give you some insights in which brands have done well on standardized tests, and which did not come out ahead. Additionally, the reviewers will be able to let you know just what to look for in a good travel system. While the Graco stroller system for travel almost always is a recommended brand, there is a wide variety of other stroller travel systems on the market. While brand names do matter, keep in mind that perhaps the best loved product is the stroller – car seat travel system!

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